Our prinicipa; activity is cod fishing and we are fortunate to be located close to some of Iceland’s most productive fishing grounds just outside of the Western Fjords. So it is not a coincidence that cod is our focus, since we can harvest from such productive nearby fishing grounds. This is especially the case with our iced fish vessels that typically land twice a week, and thereby ensure that our shore processing plant has fresh raw material all year round. Even though cod is our principal catch, other species are important also and represent almost half of our catch quota. Haddock, pollock plaice, wolffish, and ocean perch are also plentiful in our fishing area, as is Greenland turbot which is found in deeper waters west and north of our area. Mackerel and herring are also found further from the Western Fjords in areas west, south and east of the mainland. In spite of our bountiful fishing grounds we sometimes have to seek our catch further away from the Westfjords when weather and migratory patterns of our catch dictate. Inshore prawns are harvested by our smaller boats fishing in the waters of Isafjordur.

Several advantages come from our ability to harvest the deep waters of nearby fishing grounds with our trawl vessels. Less time and fuel is used in travel to and from the fishing grounds. For us this means a smaller carbon footprint while we provide our plants with a continuous supply of raw material. This makes enables us to provide our foreign customers, both in Europe and America with regular deliveries of chilled fresh seafood.