Our products are processed both on land and at sea and sold either fresh or frozen to various markets. By maximizing the value of the products that we take from the sea, we work to minimize our risk profile.

The needs of our buyers are various and dissimilar, and depend on where their markets are located.


Principal market areas: 

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America


Sales are handled by our own employees and by some select sales representatives, depending on the customers and products being sold.

We emphasize streamlining of our fishing, processing and marketing to ensure efficiency in service to our buyers and in our value chain. Also streamlining ensures higher quality and wholesomeness of our products which are processed from sustainable sources.

We place emphasis on a simple and direct route to market, with fewer middle men and the highest transparency. For that reason we are a partner in the sales organization, Iceland Westfjords Seafood ltd., which is a joint marketing and sales effort with other area seafood processors.